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Have You Known The Sea?

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On the Sussex Coast mid-point last century

Lapping waves of single purpose

Beckoned a boy to Dartmouth and to the taste of salt.

Sub-marine the knots to learn,

Emerging as the loyal servant of a silent capsule fish.

Such tales and whales- the Dolphin Mess!

The toasts, the boasts, the wit so sharp and dry,

Its ocean provenance a mystery.


Then Mobe at home his girls he’d join

For runs ashore on Bognor beach,

In dinky boats the windmill-ed Broads to roam.

Or to the Lock-jewelled Thames

The mooring and exploring to commence,

While Windsor’s picnic cruises

In wooden pleasure craft

Were but a twinkle in the captain’s dewy eye.


The years they rolled on with the tides

As on its truest path does water flow.

The sky-high view of Worthing’s Avenue

Affording daily reassurance

That still She rages, plays and rests on the horizon;

Powerful and constant,

Never other than Herself,

An unapologetic force of nature.


Yes, you have known the sea implicitly,

And now the sea knows you.




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O.E.D Omissions

The word to describe the filtering of real information when elderly relatives ask how your life is, so that they will not be traumatised.

The word to describe the feeling when you are a waitress looking at a table that is waiting for the coffee you have forgotten to bring them.

The word to describe the feeling when you are advantage up in a tennis game and hubris causes you to lose it by making three excruciating blunders.

The word to describe the expression on the face of the park attendant with the leaf blower standing in the rain in his McIntosh watching 3 year olds re-arrange his large heap of leaves into smaller, considerably less tidy heaps.

The word to describe the pathetically sad face made by a person causing a traffic jam by sitting on the yellow hatched lines.

The word to describe the hideously moralising face of the person being blocked by the person sitting on the yellow hatched lines.

The word to describe the peculiar ache in arms that have carried shopping home from the supermarket that is too heavy.

The word to describe the aimless straightening of objects while on the telephone.

The word to describe the peculiar crawling of the flesh when someone says the phrase,’Credit Crunch’.

The word to describe the faux-lascivious look the extremely gay male dancers gave Rula Lenska when she played the fairy in the Worthing Christmas pantomime performance of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

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