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Deep Sweet Smooth Soul to my Funked Phone


Hey, Baby, we need to talk, me and you, Baby, me and you, yeah.

I used you fierce last week, Baby, I know it, I know it, ooh, I handled you strong.

Needed to get some stuff straight, Baby, needed to Straighten Stuff Out.

Say, this was E-X-T-R-A—C-U-R-R-I-C-U-L-A-R.

So why you sendin’ me these needy vibes?, why you keep naggin’ on me with ‘one new message‘?, beepin’ with the vibrate on, like I got somethin’ to hear?

Coz I don’t got no message, do I, Baby?, ain’t no message for me to hear.

Seems more like you got somethin’ to say, what you wanna say, Baby?

I look good, Honey, I smell good, Mmmmmmmmm.

I know you know that, pressed tight against my ear, I know you know that.

You want me, Sugar?, you diggin’ on my style?

That long exhalin’ in your mouthpiece all the long day, that makin’ you feel fine? that makin’ you Lose Power?

I can see how this is, Baby, woman like me presses those buttons real hard, keeps you close, re-charges you, uh-huh, I see.

But you can’t cut me off in my talk, Baby, no, that ain’t right. You feelin’ jealous, you got to Breathe Deeper.

Else I’m gonna have to change your tune and you don’t want no Peter Andre on there now, Baby, you don’t want no pop.

You sayin’ you broke. Well, Baby, we all been broken, we heal real fast. You chill outside my pocket, you be fixed no time.

You cryin’ I’m about droppin’ you, Sweet Lips. Hey, I never picked you up, you readin’ my signals wrong.

You hustle on down, do what you s’posed to and we gonna get through this, yeah, I see what we gonna do.

You think on re-connectin’ me, Baby, you hook me up, ooh, Baby, you hook me up and I’m gonna show you some lovin’.

Yeah, I’m gonna show you some sweet hands-free.


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