About me

I am 38 and live in Hammersmith.

This area is central enough to make the sassy parts of London accessible but close enough to the Bush and other Met police favourites to give mumbo a street edge.

I’m aiming to keep it more real than Eminem, who must be finding it hard to rap about the good life, poor love.

There is also a Mr. mumbo, a 5 year old mumbini and a baby mumboo. The only things I know about this blog is that I don’t want them to appear in it much but they will keep their real names when they do.

This is mainly because I am trying to escape from them but also because their funny sayings go into another diary only our families pretend to be interested in.

And bloggy names bring me out in a rash.

This is a picture of me as a young blogger:

I know what you’re thinking. And you’re right, I don’t wear glasses for the computer screen anymore. Just for driving and watching television.

It’s pre-op too, when I was a young boy called Florian.

mumbojumbo was going to be abstract. Nothing to do with my daily routine- incredible though an alien would find it.

But sharing unedited rubbish without being a wind-bag is nothing but a flawed plan.

So unpalatable bigotry and mind-numbing narrative are now absolutely on the menu.

J-Lo seems to find it unfulfilling taking a dump unless a television camera records it.

I suspect I need to validate my existence in words.

One day I hope they may help pay for it too.

7 responses to “About me

  1. Cousin Bertha

    Oh gawd girl…you got it bad.
    What are you on about?
    Do you know the origins of the saying ‘mumbo jumbo’? No not really, but when I was at uni; some middle-class, mixed-race, posh English woman lecturing us in art and communication, went off on one at a student who used it in a conversation. Apparently, it is RACIST.
    This was of course in days of yore when ‘PC’ was a mere glint in the eye of a world gawn completely maad.
    I gave her a carton of Um Bongo and told her to go home and shag the missus!
    Do any Mumbo’s out there find the expression offensive? …open forum……………….

  2. Words mean what they mean, not what they meant.
    If you see what I mean.
    King Mumbo

  3. sophiestout1

    Crikey moses, don’t do politics. If I get a brick through my blog window I’ll sue Wikipedia for keeping quiet. Love your controversial tartan head straight in there though, Bertha. As for King Mumbo, that’s as profound a thought as I’ve heard all week. May have to think of a reply for ‘Pseud’s corner’, coming to a screen near you.

  4. Niall

    Under the veneer of sanity we try to keep polished ( with a decent but politically correct natural polish which has neither been tested on animals nor overtly prostitute their natural talents……..) we all have a depths of insanity which,like the pond which lies beneath supporting,feeding life into and enabling the lillies beauty( still cannot write that word without mentally saying “Big elephants are ugly take it from uncle Les”!!!) in a painting by Monet, looks exquisite on the surface but under the beauty of the flowers is the water which at first seems clear but becomes murkier the deeper we delve.After having met you at Leah’s wedding seeing you looking as attractive as one of those lillies and seeming to have kept the veneer highly polished I can now see through your writing that you are brave enough to swim deep and confront and examine the deep lying algea and see beyond the easthetic surface .
    It is far more interesting to study the swans feet than dwell upon the white feathers……..
    In short you seemed quite sane on Saturday but having read your blog you are Bonkers!!!! Keep it up.I have enjoyed reading it enormously this morning!!!

  5. mumbo

    I once was an ugly duckling… Niall, bless you for diving into my murky depths and dignifying my questionable mental state.
    I hope you will be swimming around in some of that algae with me.

  6. bulgie beastie

    Thought provoking, highly amusing and peppered with some lovely dark moments too. It’s also reassuring to know that I’m not alone in having nutty ideas, I only wish I could write them down like you can do so very well. I think the site ‘mumbojumbo’ is most apt for your blogging activities as it is at times bewildering stuff. In a good way! Loved it.

  7. james innes

    Good to meet you last night. innes66@aol.com
    x James

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