About Me 2

I’m now 40 and I live in Acton but really, it’s ok.

Nevertheless, if you’ve read About Me you could say things aren’t moving in a particularly encouraging direction on the personal front.

I’ve still got a husband and two sons, all of whom I’m generally quite keen on.

I’m still writing bits of nonsense, clearly, though not always clearly.

I’d like to add that I’m also crafty, in the sense both that I’m fairly devious and that I like to make things (sometimes I try to sell them, resulting in a business model of stupefying ineffectiveness) so they pop up on here too now and then.

Thus far I’m something of a biographical non-entity so I suppose this blog is a way of pushing against that a bit- About Me 3 MIGHT be a bestseller.

And last but foremost, thank you very much for indulging me. Should have said that a long time ago.


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