I’m in love

with an object

and I’m done for

’cause it’s not done

to lust and pine

for what’s not Divine

To put on a pedestal

what’s socially risible

historically hysterical

what’s hairy

but scarily


Whose knit one purl one

hurries the sisterhood

back to the scullery

the flowers to flow

through Cath Kidston’s

wet dreams

To adore

an angoran idol

that warms with whimsy

the Lady Grey

the catty ladies’ gossip


To journey

from the urbane

into the brain

of a Bronte

the soft scone-filled belly

of Beatrix Potter

It was a gift (this humbly-hued honey)

not required

but desired

large-scale perfection

shrunk to poke

the cynic’s ribs

I’m done for


but not done yet

with my cosy

tiny teapot





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3 responses to “Cosy

  1. Lovely poem, Sophie! Have you published any? If not, you should. Clever form, shape and words.

    • mumbo

      That’s very kind, Christine, thank you! Just tinker away really. I generally tend towards a fragmented attention span and jump back and forth from the poems (I’d blame the 4 year old but seems to be a bit my way to be honest!) but will keep at it and hope the woods will clear at some stage! Hope you’re still enjoying your writing too. xx

      • That sounds the way to do it – ‘a poem is a process’ according to our course, and sometimes a long one. Tweaking is the name of the game. Yes, thanks, busy enjoying. A radio play is the next challenge!

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