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Your life: how good is it? How good are you at it? Is it edited, curated? Do you present it well? Are you living real French bread filled with honest Artisan cheese? Have you sorted, streamlined, maximised, distilled your choices- your choices, your choices– with regard to religion, education, investments, home improvements, exercise, recreation? Are they simplified, exemplary, recommendable? Could I Pinterest them? Are your photos artful, arty, art? Are your politics sound? Are you enacting them? Does your brand have integrity? Do you know what your brand is? Is your potential being realised? Are you living your life’s purpose? Are you fulfilled sexually, socially, emotionally? Are you aligned? Are you watching the best Youtube Vimeo Blog output? Are you sourcing creative content excellence to input? Is it the funniest, most pertinent, original, profound? Are you sharing it, adding value to it? Are you worldly, earthly, international? Are you unfolding spiritually, cosmically? Doing right by your family? Are you authentic, eclectic, organic, aware? Are you a name, a face, a card? A party goer, a party thrower? Do you inspire, admire, inquire? Do you give good guest? Have you chosen a charity? Is your diet plant-based? Do you garden? Do you know how to pretend if I garden?

Are you – let’s be honest- making the most remarkable pattern in the sand, given the stick you’ve been given? Are you demanding a new stick? Are you inventing new sand?

Are you working hard at all these things and, inbetween times, feeling guilty for not working hard at all these things?

Or are you peaceful and content, knowing you are on top of doing your utmost towards being more consistently peaceful and content?

Or do you behave as if you believe that whatever you are doing, it is enough?


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