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Towing the line of faithful bosses
Bishop to Archbishop to ascend
For himself the collar
Dogma as a pet

His Divinity made form 
In thrall to bells and prayers
Cross- referencing the Bible 
With behaviour

Not hard to mock his frock
Gift him the zeal of wars
At Noah's pairs a sneer 
While hurling condoms at the Pope

Be not more attached than he 
To Corinthians and liturgy
Beyond the harped-up angels 
He is wholer than thou 

His wise men Yaakov, Shakti, you
His very heart a Mecca
Living Glasto guru's Oneness 
As a given

Writing large the Yes
The Hope too often floundering in mithering
His Book a resource
Not a stick

Pulling crackers with the lonely
Mindful of our peace
Even as the brunch cutlery 
Rattles on 

Gentle acts of generation 
Freed of genuflection
Using but one box of tools
For souls to mould a meaning 

'God is Love'- for some the CV of
A bearded bogeyman
For him the richer gem that 
Love is God


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Party People


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December 8, 2012 · 2:50 pm

Gingerbread Apron Dreams

Have you ever thought it would be nice for gingerbread men to be able to offer something extra?

Nor me, until I had a dream.

I dreamed that in the same way an ice-cream seems like enough until you’re offered a fancy cone with sprinkles and bits of Oreo on top, so a ginger man could be bringing something more to the party.

Maybe over his tummy smarties he could be wearing an apron stuffed with extra sweets or a toy or an improving message to your child about their homework.

There would be a whole rack of aprons next to the ginger man till filled with different options but as the eco-friendly sort you would re-cycle your man’s apron and put different things in it each time.

They might look like this (note that even with an adjustable strap, the wider-necked ginger gentleman (less refined, more refined sugar, bottom right) may be forced to wear his apron as a pinnie):



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