That Jesus Moment


Leaking contrition, you enlist the pain of histories

for one unremarkable error:

Say sorry and mean it


There’s a right and a wrong way (funny, now that’s clear)

No drawing up the silk in seamless twists

On yourself to reflect the innocent’s sting


Yes, unravel the doom but not alone, alone is crude,

exludes an accomplice to smile as they hand you the sponge

to wipe your dirt from their person


Denies the gift of grace wrapped in dead skin

The absolving absolution

That Jesus Moment


At all costs to avoid the deep blue sea of double injury

Whereby one hurts AND laughs

and never learns


So I’ll meet your play, I’ll take a rake

to the past’s stone surface,

in stereo atonement


Its legacy to heed the ego’s violating force

Apology’s first service to shine a light Divine

on the Not Conscious.



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