Supermarket sonnet

Take me down the fruit aisle

And shower me in berries

I want to laugh in pineapples

Be drowned in praise


Then judge me with the veg

Be harsh but fair

Set me against a parsnip

See what I can do


Make mooing sounds

And I will lie in dairy

Munch on the grass

I’ll do a length in milk


I want brown sauce and red sauce

But not at the same time

Am saving that filth

For High Tea


Slice it thick and wafer thin

Fashion suggestive little lardons

Inspire me to scamper through Delia

Flicking my pinny


Leave the head on that fish

I like to see it wincing

And spitting at the crab sticks

Faking their way over the ice


Hear me tiptoe in the spices

Affecting well-bred sneezes

Wait for my curvy porn

To spill over in Premium Biscuits


And, then, my Sunny Delight

Illuminating Monday

With your flashing teeth

Your hopeful call-outs


Stash those loyal muthafuckas

On my Nectar card

And watch me pirouette




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9 responses to “Supermarket sonnet

  1. so how about a job then?

    you are clearly a genius as every body know

    just uploading…..

    • mumbo

      Are you using me as a time filler while you upload, goddam you? Upload what, anyway? Do the same when you download and I’ll be bloody annoyed.

  2. so


    it seem you did not reply to my larst one

    so i think i will do a beowulf type stuff next time

    instead of this faux ee cummings, which is actually just being drik and waiting for an upload of an eamil


    hope all ius woll


    • mumbo

      So you ARE killing time. That’s INCREDIBLY RUDE, eyore. Genii don’t like that at all. Quite partial to a bit of ee though.

      • kev bishop

        just uploading some other stuff now – and uploading time is MUMBOJUMBO time!

        would you be interested in making a film about paper?

      • mumbo

        Very well, I’ll take what I can get. I should probably be grateful if someone makes a visit while slipping on their keyboard, for that matter. This paper film- will it make me a star?

  3. Jed Ward

    YES. The paper film will make you a star – or at least something nebulous. I will contact you through the voice of a child at the children’s club you attend. Please follow the instructions carefully.

  4. Jed Ward

    It appears that my comment is awaiting moderation. MUMBO, may I ask if this is done by software or by human intervention?

    • mumbo

      There is nothing soft about my ware, Jed. It’s all done with the most human of touches. It’s as if I’m writing these posts myself.

      I want to hear what the child says. I’m very open to it. It wouldn’t be the first time one has thus spoken to me. In fact, I think I know the child you mean: the ginger one with the bully brother.

      ps. nebulous is spelt nebewluss

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