I’m ready for you, Chubs

Your bed is made

Your vests are ironed

I’m ready for you, Chubs


With me you’ve grown

You’ve laughed

And cried

You’ve curled your limbs in mine


Outside, your noise

Your mess

Your needs

Will jar


Preparing you

The better each day

To leave me alone

With mine


Unfurling you

Into your world

Straightening your fleshy legs

With every piece of love


Hello goodbye

In a dance divine

Of intense deliverance


I’m ready for you, Chubs



Filed under Mini mumbo, Mumbo Life, Mumbo poems

4 responses to “I’m ready for you, Chubs

  1. Gethin

    Your little cries like spring birdsong,
    Now please be quiet, the footie’s on.

  2. i just randomly googled this and find i am in the middle of you two having a cudlle imagine how angry that makes a random blog responding human…

    …yeright rahid

  3. my little cries?

    how come your stuff keeps on coming up?


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