Why you are happy you don’t spend time with my head

A few weeks ago there was a daddy long legs with wings in the kitchen. It was shaking.

Daddy long legs with wings are actually called crane flies but it was still shaking.

I apologised for mistaking it for two mosquitoes mating before asking it this series of questions:

Are you shaking intentionally?

Is your nervous system damaged?

Do you have a nervous system?

If you do, can you feel it?

If you can feel it, does it mean anything to you?

Can you actually hear me?

What quality of life do you have apart from your corporeal reality?

Would you like me to kill you?

Or would you consider that murder?

Would you know how to commit suicide if you wanted to?

How would you do it?

Or would that be impossible for you?

Don’t you have a short lifespan?

Does that mean you don’t mind the shaking because it won’t last long?

Or does that mean you’d rather not spend the whole of it shaking?

Do you realise I often kill mosquitoes for less compassionate reasons and never ask them questions?

Or do you believe motivation is irrelevant and behaviour is paramount?

And then the crane fly daddy long legs with wings did not say anything and I killed it.

Because it looked to me like a crane fly daddy long legs with wings and Parkinson’s and I think that’s sad.


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