Conjoined twins Justin Timberlake dilemma

Twin 1: I fancy Justin Timberlake.

Twin 2: I don’t.

Twin 1: I like his sexy in-your-face dancing.

Twin 2: I think he looks like his bones are made from rubber bands.

Twin 1: I think he’d be hot.

Twin 2: I think he’s one wrong turn away from being beaten up.

Twin 1: He’s in touch with his feminine side.

Twin 2: He’s a girl in an over-grown adolescent boy’s body, who still goes to bed in his Mickey Mouse Club pyjamas.

Twin 1: You don’t want to sleep with him then?

Twin 2: No, thank you.

Twin 1: Oh. I’m disappointed.

Do you think you could…

Twin 2: …pretend to be asleep?

No, I could not.

Twin 1: Who do you fancy then?

Twin 2: Dominic West.

Twin 1: Who’s he?

Twin 2: You know, McNulty, from The Wire.

Twin 1: Oh, yes, yes! I fancy him too! I’d be awake for that!

Twin 2: Great. We’ll have our hair done first.

Twin 1: Don’t finish my sentences. It’s annoying.

Twin 2: Fine. Don’t talk about turtles.

Twin 1: Where shall we find him?

Twin 2: Hammersmith Grove. He cycles along there a lot. We’ll stake it out.


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