Fulham Library Questionnaire

Hammersmith and Fulham hope that you have enjoyed this evening’s author discussion. To help us plan future events and activities please take a moment to fill in the form below.

1. How did you find out about this event?

Word of mouth

Poster in Library


Hammersmith and Fulham News

Time Out


2. How often do you visit a public library?




3. Have you been to a talk, reading, performance or readers’ group in any library in the past 12 months?

Yes- once or twice

Yes- many times

No, never

4. If not, would your experience today mean you might consider attending another event?




5. What did you like most about this event

The artist/s

The venue

It was free

Anything else (please specify)

6. Could it be improved and if so, how?

Yes, it could.

There was a woman sitting in the third row on the end, mid-fifties. She ran her own commentary, repeatedly completing the author’s sentences and mumbling words during those moments where he may have needed helping out but, in fact, did not. She created bite-sized biographical sandwiches by wrapping her career as a sometime publicist, poet, historian, screenwriter, astronaut and novelist in home-baked slices of false modesty. Then over a period of 10 everlasting minutes she amazingly (given that the talk was not strictly being given by her) and courageously (given that she didn’t know what the fuck she was talking about) proceeded to minutely question the accuracy of the incredibly accurate historical detail in the author’s fictional trilogy before graciously granting him poetic licence. She did pause for breath at one point when the Peruvian lady was whispering English questions in Peruvian but essentially her deep-seated concerns about the accountibility of Egyptian police forces in ancient Egypt were sticking so comprehensively in my craw I feared the force of the Bombay Mix that was soon to be projectile vomited out of it in her direction might actually sever a nerve in her neck and force her queries to a premature, if not unwelcome, end.

In view of the endangered future of traditional cultural institutions such as yourselves, I would like to suggest that this individual be screened on entry because it would be a crying shame to read a headline where the word ‘library’ was teamed with the phrase, ‘Malevolent slaying of much-loved local character’.

7. How much do you enjoy reading?

Very much


Not at all


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