Bruno, 3yrs: A Life

I have energy. You could say I’m a man of action.

I’m the life and soul of the party when there is one and a pain in the bungalows when there isn’t. Hey, it’s not me that changes; there should be more parties.

I love having fun. Some people can’t live without books. Or sex. For me, it’s tickling.

Occasionally, I suppose I’m an awkward customer- stubborn even- but my heart is in the right place: I’m generous with my affections. I know my manners. I’m kind.

My sense of humour is not terribly sophisticated. The word ‘poo’ still makes me crack up. You can’t intellectualise joy so keep it basic, I say.

My emotions are ready. If I feel it, I feel it. If I don’t, I don’t. It’s an honest way to live.

I’m naive, certainly. Plenty of things confuse me. But I know how to be cute and that goes further than many people realise.

I think it’s important to accept other cultures. I was born in another country so I have a certain duality of identity myself.

I don’t think I would ever come across as prejudiced although I still struggle with the vocalising of certain observations: ‘That man’s got a bald head’.

I’m still on the fence about religion. On the one hand I feel constrained by it but on the other I enjoy the community, the stories.

I believe in Father Christmas.

I’m close to my family. They tell me a lot of home truths, which can be hard. But I trust them and I know they want what’s best for me.

In fact, my mother still picks out my clothes in the morning. I’m not embarrassed by it but left to my own devices I’d be naked.

Creatively, I enjoy the medium of play-dough. It’s real and tactile and sticks in places it shouldn’t. It’s for the naughty artist!

Food will always interest me. It can be expedient, celebratory, even funny. Try eating jelly in a bad mood.

I prefer to relax with a movie but often CBeebies is selected on my behalf. The quality of the programming is average overall but I find Big Cook Little Cook highly entertaining. They try so hard and the food does not look good.

I enjoy male friendships but, struth, the women in my life- they keep me up all night. They’re not a mystery to me at all. I understand them only too well.

My bear…my bear is very important to me.

I think one should be remembered for a quality rather than an attribute- a legacy that might contribute positively to the future of others rather than a favourable description of a person in their lifetime.

In that case, I hope my sense of justice will outlive me.

Life’s just not fair if it doesn’t.


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