Small World

BPG= Blonde Party Guest

BPG1: So I was at this party in Battersea…

BPG2: Who’s party? I know some people who live there.

BPG1: Chloe Jones’.

BPG2: Ohmygod! You have got to be joking! I know her!

BPG1: No way on earth! You know Chloe?

BPG2: Yes, yes I do! We used to work together at the PR company.

BPG1: That’s unbelievable! I met her on holiday in the Seychelles.

Come to think of it when we were there she bumped into someone she went to school with.

It’s such a small world!

BPG3: Well, not really.

BPG1: Excuse me?

BPG3: I’m just saying the world’s actually quite big.

Earth is the largest of the terrrestrial planets in the Solar System in diameter, mass and density. It’s got a surface area of 510 million square kilometres, 6.7 billion people and 195 countries.

Do you know any Armenians? No? No?

I think what you’re actually trying to say is that your world is very small.

BPG2: I beg your pardon?

BPG3: Well, this Chloe character, for instance. I’m just guessing here but is she an educated, professionally successful, posh, white woman- somewhat like us?

BPG1: So?

BPG3: Did she go to Bristol University and does she drive a 4 x 4 and shop at Waitrose? Do her parents live in Gloucester? Has she got a black labrador?

Is she blonde?

BPG2: This is ridiculous.

The dog’s a labrador/retriever mix.

BPG3: OK, I over-reached but I think you can see what I’m getting at here.

You didn’t realise you mutually know a Greek ferry driver or a Bolivian journalist.

That could make a better argument for a smaller world.

BPG1: Who are you, anyway? We don’t even know you.

BPG3: Exactly.



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4 responses to “Small World

  1. ta-dah! Mysteries of the world revealed in one swell foop. Thanks to Mumbo Jumbo I now know why I never did meet that Kazakhstani horseman of my dreams.

    Come to think of it, I’m sure he drove me in an Amsterdam Taxi once….

  2. Why didn’t I get an invite to Chloe’s party?
    You know how I like those posh white ladies.

  3. mumbo

    tbnil, I bet you really must have had some small world incidents on your travels..?

    Kez, you’re too red-headed for Chloe, sweetie. She’s missing out.

  4. Jackie

    that was MY party and MY friends

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