Full Body Massage


If you scamper to Sri Lanka, to a quiet Southern beach
Mount a bike and ride the back roads and eventually you’ll reach
A tiny unlit building where resides a man of charm
Vending magical sensations with his lotions, oils and balms

Quiet and unassuming he’s a very literal guy
When he says
Full Body Massage I can confirm he does not lie
Using fingers ten and elbows and at a fairly modest price
He doesn’t offer round the world just straight to paradise

He warmed up with the usual moves, none of them too taxing
Some gentle pressure here and there, indulgent and relaxing
Perhaps I should have sensed in which direction things would go
When he stopped and asked me solemn-faced,
‘You want it hard or slow?’

‘Can’t it be both?’ I asked, wide-eyed, trying to be amusing
But he didn’t speak much English and found it all far too confusing
‘I want it hard,’ I motioned, ‘Don’t mistake me for faint-hearted’
Whereupon he took a deep breath, briefly closed his eyes and started

The push and pull between my toes should not have felt intrusive
Yet the way he moved his digits was distinctly all-inclusive
With expert manipulation he made the toe-to-head transition
Persuading me with manual ease into yogic positions

My bikini briefs did not relieve my bottom of attention
On which the energetic pummeling deserves a special mention
After which he flipped me over with the passion of a lover
Conscientiously proceeding with the nurture of a mother

He chopped and rubbed with urgent hands- no part was not addressed
Kneading like a body baker on my stomach, arms and chest
When he reached my head and pulled my hair he straightened out the curls
Tugging firmly like a teenage boy re-modeling a
Girl’s World.

My eyebrows raised I can’t deny it felt somewhat suggestive
His energy all over me not quite what I expected
But as vital as the session proved he showed utmost restraint
Some scratches running down my back perhaps the sole complaint

Though flesh was bared and bodies touched it yielded no disgrace
The happy ending of this story just a smile upon my face
For this man, he was a gentleman- professional and true
And though I may not be a lady, I’m essentially a prude.


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One response to “Full Body Massage

  1. gethin

    I had an altogether different experience – and it was anything but poetic. Suffice it to say, it involved a gnarled hand and the tip of my little german soldier.

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