Festive Cheer

Parent 1: Oh God, no. Please, don’t tell me…

Parent 2 (alarmed): What’s happened? Are you o.k?

Parent 1: I’ve got a Christmas card from someone I haven’t sent to.

I do hate that.

Parent 2 (understanding): Oh dear. Who?

Parent 1: Pat.

Parent 2: Pat who?

Parent 1: No idea. It says,

‘Still managing to get around. Hope you are not as bad. Pat’.

Parent 2: Pat Brown! She must be knocking on 100.

Parent 1: I thought she was dead.

Parent 2: No, she moved to Sweden. Or maybe her son did.

Parent 1: Who’s her son?

Parent 2: Noel. Noel Brown.

Parent 1: Noel moved to Sweden? When?

Parent 2: In 1980.

Parent 1: Anyway, she sent it to our old address.

Parent 2: Good. That means she doesn’t know where we live.

And that reminds me, The Hunchback of Notre Dame was on at the week-end.


A proper Merry Christmas, you.

Please kick off the New Year with me on January 5th.



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2 responses to “Festive Cheer

  1. I sent a card to Pat this year but I didn’t get one back. It was to posh Pat. Pat Dixon.

    Do you know him? If so, could you just mention that I’m not impressed.

  2. Jackie

    if i didn’t send you a card then i’m sorry i meant to i just got real busy and didn’t keep a list

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