(click image to enlarge, irony notwithstanding)

Someone curious: What is this photograph of?

Tinyphile: Tiny things.

Someone curious: What tiny things?

Tinyphile: A little girl and a little boy silver pendant; the smallest Russian doll- she doesn’t get out enough; a miniature box of matches; a hand-made paper book; a worry doll; a baby jelly baby (deformed); two china dollies; and a set of outfits I made for the elves from The Elves and the Shoemaker.

Someone curious: I’ll pretend I didn’t hear the last one. It makes you sound unhinged.

What’s the deal with small things?

Tinyphile: I love them.

Someone curious: Do you love them because you think they are vulnerable?

Tinyphile: Vulnerable?

Someone curious: Do they inspire your instinct to protect?

Tinyphile: To what?

Someone curious: Do you think they are magical? Can’t big things be magical? Do you live the rest of your life by cliches?

Tinyphile: I…

Someone curious: Or do you love them because they give you a sense of ownership? Is your love of tiny treasures about making you feel bigger as a person? Do most of your loving instincts come from a dark place?

Tinyphile: Well…

Someone curious: Do you love them because they belong to the realm of fantasy? Does that mean you find reality lacking? Can’t you handle reality? Does it make you feel inadequate? Is there a line you cross from magic realism to real magicalism? Is that where Elizabeth Taylor has gone? Is that where you want to go too?

Tinyphile: Oh, you’re hurting my head.

I find you overly curious and I’m not enjoying this conversation.

Someone curious: I love it, I’ve made you feel small, haven’t I?

Tinyphile: Yes. Yes, you have.



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3 responses to “Tiny

  1. gethin

    I’ve never been heckled by a dwarf, but I can imagine that might make one feel quite small.

  2. There were three dwarves in front of me in the queue at the cinema last night. They weren’t together, they’d just all chosen the same film.

    Imagine that.

    I could understand it if it was the Wizard of Oz, but it was the latest Woody Allen.

  3. mumbo

    Little people aren’t small enough for me, I’m afraid. I’m not interested unless I can put them in my pocket.

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