London Eye

Nibbling a biscuit, Losing the plot, Telling a fib, Feeding a ferret, Giving a lecture, Ogling a screen, Melting some stock, Burying an Aunt, Faking I.D., Laughing too loudly, Dancing on expenses, Dining on drugs, Trudging home, Clutching an ankle, Swallowing a paperclip, Yawning in a cab, Talking bollocks, Looking gorgeous, Running on tarmac, Blaspheming the remote control, Fishing for compliments, Thinking sod all, Getting inspired, Shredding a bill, Arguing with a client, Denying an urge, Following a Saab, Dropping a bag of tomatoes, Riding a lift, Mis-spelling a name, Interpreting a silence, Stemming the flow of blood, Knitting a plan, Crying as a release, Phoning BT, Fantasising standing up, Pee-ing lying down, Drawing an eagle, Counting to nine, Forgetting a line, Buying a tin opener, Stealing a mango, Catching a vase, Dealing with frustration, Feeling knackered, Making a memory, Undoing a tangle, Hopping for kicks, Asking the unreasonable, Loving a mannerism, Shouting over a crowd, Joking about lobster, Belittling a call-girl, Picking through bins, Slagging off the city, Switching on charisma, Reading a blog, Crafting a necklace, Examining a bug, Getting lost in a library, Doing an impersonation, Timing an egg, Singing on a swing, Stroking a scar, Craving a star, You get the picture

Open up your London Eye,

And flood it,

Let it do your head in for a while,


Plunge In



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3 responses to “London Eye

  1. mumbo

    hospital, drunk, kid in their sleep, all sorts, everywhere, every second…

  2. I guess I could see that happening. In fact I can see it happening from my living room window. My local drunks do it very well, by the smell of their ‘lair’….

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