Businessman #3

These fluctuating markets are really messing with my head.

I crashed on my pillow last night.

I need time out, I thought. I need to have some fun.

Next thing you know, I’m having this dream.

And it’s so cool because, for once, it’s not about the office.

The guys have come over with some beer and we’re just hanging out.

Shooting the breeze and laughing about guy things.

Then someone says they’re hungry and I say, ‘Let’s order pizza’.

Then Joel gets this dark look about him and says,

‘But you asked us all to bring a piece of pie.’

‘It wouldn’t matter how big. As long as we all work as a team,’ chimes in Franz.

‘There’s no ‘i’ in pie, you said,’ says Hamish. ‘Actually there is, but we knew what you were getting at.’

‘What?’, I say. ‘What was I getting at? What the hell are you talking about?’

Then they all reach under the table and bring out their pie pieces and I realise what this is.

It’s an intervention.

And they are here to tell me I am officially obsessed with work.



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4 responses to “Businessman #3

  1. gethin

    I think the image looks more like three men constructing a large multi-coloured representation of a bum hole. Maybe a fourth man will squeeze himself out of the middle dressed as a turgid stool, complete with remnants of sweet corn.

  2. mumbo

    Your digestion obsession intervention is next week. Hold your horses.

  3. jack

    I was hoping for an account of pie with the vicar???

  4. mumbo

    Vic on Weds but no pie for him. Remember Kim Basinger getting creative with the fridge contents in 9 1/2 weeks? Going to be more like that. Will report back.

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