Nicole and Keith at loggerheads

Nic: Keith, can I talk to you for a minute, please?

Keith: Yes, babe.

Nic: What the Castlemaine XXXX are these?

Keith: Babygrows with days of the week written on them, babe.

Nic: Are you mocking our precious love gift?

Keith: No, babe. I just thought they were pretty bonzer.

Nic: Only for one day of the week, you drongo! How’s she supposed to feel when she’s wearing Tuesday and it’s a Thursday and there’s a photographer calling her name?

Keith: Newborns don’t have enormous brains like you and me, babe. She might not even notice.

Nic: And what the hell language are they written in?

Keith: That’s French, babe.

Nic: Well, it stinks, whatever it is.

Keith: Franceland’s got loads of culture, babe. Your name would be Nicola, if it wasn’t in French and that would be, like, not so cool.

Nic: She’s called Sunday, not Deemunch. Get rid of them, dingbat.

Keith: Fair dinkum, babe. You take a nap.


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