Angelina’s womb

Twin 1: But I don’t want a stylist and a stupid name. I want to be a normal baby.

Twin 2: Jeez, you are one negative little embryo.

Next you’ll be saying rehab’s boring. It goes with the territory- roll with it.

Twin 1: You mean you’re ready for the media scrutiny?

Twin 2: That’s a big fat Yes! Didn’t you see my over-the-shoulder look at the ultrasound?

Twin 1: You want to watch out for that. They thought you had a spinal problem.

Anyway, there isn’t room for those sort of stunts in here.

Twin 2: There’s more to life than pre-natal swim lessons, honey.

Would you prefer to be swilling around Roseanne Barr?

Twin 1: I don’t want to swim. I want to eat. There’s never any pizza.

I need food to grow my brain.

Twin 2: Are you kidding? People magazine wants to lay down $15 million for photos of our red wrinkly butts.

We don’t even need charisma!

Twin 1: I’ve got no idea who Roseanne Barr is. And who’s That Bitch Shania Twain?

Twin 2: Oh, she sang a song saying Daddy doesn’t impress her much and Mommy got mad.

By the way, ‘Bitch’ is a rude word.

Twin 1: What does Attention Seeking Greek Whore mean then?

Twin 2: Whoah, sister!

Listen, the only thing you need to put your mind to right now is being as loud as possible during your first days outside.

Twin 1: Will that make Mommy notice me?

Twin 2: No. But it might stop her wanting to add to her Baby Collection after us.

Plus, let me out first. You are WAY too naïve to be the oldest twin.


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