On this street where I live

I have walked slowly, run fast, cycled drunk
and sat on the pavement
Bumped into friends, laughed with strangers, screamed at a rat
and cried on the phone
Played football, blown bubbles, earned parking tickets
and posted bags of mail
Watched a bomb disposal team, engaged in road rage
and witnessed a car accident
Viewed a flat, visited a school, invited myself into a living room
and had my aura cleansed by a Serbian political dissident

I have escaped 1 burglary, protested 2 planning applications
and been evacuated at 2 in the morning for 2 days following a major gas leak
Reported a fire hazard to a resident, a burst water pipe to the authorities
and had a hydrant explode under my car
Held my son in an ambulance, had my car alarm disabled by the police
and the electrics investigated by the fire brigade after a flood

In under 10 years I’ve known of over 10 people who once lived here
while over 10 neighbours have moved away

And in an identity parade I could positively identify- but not name-
precisely 3 people and a baby

3 people and a baby

On this street where I live



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3 responses to “On this street where I live

  1. Blimey.. don’t get that in Barnes.

    I love it all love.


  2. I’m not surprised your neighbours keep moving away.
    Maybe you should stop inviting yourself into their homes.

  3. sophiestout1

    Not to stay, Moz. Just to look at the kitchen-diner.

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