Eating Tiramisu

With butterfly anticipation I venture down a glowing passageway where sparks of light bounce off the walls.

As I get closer I see that they are being thrown off an oval convex stainless steel door at the end; it releases in a controlled motion with just the gentlest push.

As soon as I am through, it is Narnia In The Sun; a wonderland of warmth and happiness and Judy Garland.

Quilted alpaca flooring, fresh moon-songs, turquoise cartoon birds and Destiny’s Child singing ‘I woke up this morning, the sunshine was smiling, I put on my happy face’ just below the volume of being incredibly, mind-bendingly annoying.

Two large teddy bears with good faces appear before me.

They help me into generously-cut silk and cashmere clothes, which I am allowed to keep.

I say no to the soft bonnet.

They lead me over to a large duvet and wrap me up, round and round- a delirious piggy in a premium blanket.

Then I am carried aloft to the heights of a cloud mountain where they set me free, to roll and roll and roll luxuriously in a rhapsody of unctuous bliss- the wicked scent of sweet liquor lingering on the ribboned breeze, chocolate fairy dust settling on my hair and skin- before I bump gently into the cradling comfort of a sponge cushion- part depth, part blinding light- and silently surrender my consciousness.

I bloody love this dessert.



Filed under Hungry Mumbo

2 responses to “Eating Tiramisu

  1. Belle

    I have made you a ‘favourite’. youre a funny lady.

  2. sophiestout1

    You’ve made my day, Belle. Thank you x

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