Conversation overheard between 2 Peacocks in Holland Park

1: What are you doing here? I work this patch.
2: There’s room for two. Stop ruffling your feathers.
1: I give best tail. Go and hang out in the car park.
2: The kids are loving me. I’m staying.
1: Ah, but I’m getting photographed by the Japanese.

Peacock 2 turns and looks at Peacock 1.

2: Have you put oil on your body?
1: Have I what?
2: You’ve got oil on your gay bird body. Who put it on for you? That mincing squirrel?
1: Oh, like you’re not here for show-time.
2: Mine’s all natural, baby. Drink it up.
1: No, thank you. Fuck off back to the car park.

Peacock 2 looks at Peacock 1 again.

2: Are those extensions?
1: Who are you, Trinny Woodall? Leave it.
2. Oh no. Surely not…
1: What?
2: Is it a wig?
1: No, it’s not a bloody wig. Piss off.

Peacock 2 swipes at Peacock 1.

1: What did you do that for?
2: Do what?
1: Did you do something to my head?
2: No.
1: You A-hole. You’ve got my plume. Give me back my plume.

Peacock 2 closes his feathers and stalks off.

1(shouting): Gavin! Where the hell are you going?
2: To the car park. I’ll leave it on a pigeon.
1: I’m gonna get you shot for this. I know a man.
2: Yeah, alright, mate… See you later… Don’t catch a cold…



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2 responses to “Conversation overheard between 2 Peacocks in Holland Park

  1. Off your bloody rocker.

    MM x

  2. i just imagine you sitting in the park, eyes locked on the roaming peacocks, mumbling about there imaginary conversation — between bites of tiramisu, of course. funny stuff 🙂

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