Dedicated to nonsense

But not so dedicated that I have learnt how to use a computer to dish it out. I’ve got the panic feeling I get weekly when there’s spilt water at the bottom of my bag infiltrating my mobile phone.

What’s a tag? Do I need a media library? Why are the widgets here? Shouldn’t they be at a Wizard of Oz convention? This is exactly why I didn’t do this earlier.


The image above is a template but it’s staying for now because it makes the site look bookish and I’m not imaginative enough to think of an alternative.

Uninterestingly, that sentence is representative of the kind of material that’s going to be posted on here: boring yet pertinent, with a hint of self-disclosure as a means of therapy.

But I’m already sensing the limitless possibilities to void the guts of my consciousness.

So please take comfort that at least one of us will be enjoying ourselves.

About twice a week, excluding holidays.



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3 responses to “Dedicated to nonsense

  1. Ha, the first to comment on Mumbo Jumbo. I’m very honoured.
    This will either develop a cult following or else will lead to a certain young lady being sectioned.
    MM xx

  2. sophiestout1

    Thanks, Moz. In my padded cell please let there be a window where I can see a tree.

  3. adele

    Outrageously entertaining young Soph……if not very dark! Loads of trees in our garden, just buy a ticket! Love you lots. XXXXX

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